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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Tuesday Morning

Yesterday at the shop, we had a seniors group come to see what all we do there...  They were all so sweet!  I just love old people!! (and I mean that in a good way).  They are full of stories and knowledge, I can never get enough.  Then I went and did a little Christmas shopping, got some stuff for the kids.  After all, Christmas is for children, and I'm just a big big kid!  I gladly accept any presents... : )
This morning I have been over to Nanny & Papa's to write out their thank you cards from their anniversary party.  And Papa showed me a picture that his brother had given to them.  It is of their mother and father around the time they were married, around 1915.  The picture is just so beautiful.
Now for my 5 thankfuls, I have been slacky lately I know...
-  I am thankful for ALL my children, Noelle, Natalie, Nadia, Nina & Nathan, I love them no matter what...
-  I am thankful for Nanny and Papa, they mean so much to me, and I love them to pieces...
-  And the obvious, Thanksgiving, It is my favorite holiday, one that should be spent with family and loved ones..
-  The wonderful group of seniors that visited the shop yesterday
-  And finally, God does meet all your needs - each one of us know what they are, and I am soo thankful!

                                                      Marshall & Ethel Martin


  1. beautiful photo sweetie ~
    looks so surreal & calm ~ wishing you the most Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Yesterday was fun!!! Hope you got lots of goodies while shopping...you know what they say...one to give and three to keep...lol!!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and I will see you on Friday bright and not to early. Love,


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