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Monday, November 8, 2010

What a weekend!

What a weekend at the Simple Goods show!  That's all I need to say about that...
Just kidding.  Robin is a SHOPPER, I am a PACKER, and Lori is LORI!! and she's the driver.  We had a great time, we got lots of good stuff, and lots of inspiration.  We drove through a snow storm in West Virginia, a storm of blackbirds in Ohio and then stood in the 20 degree freezing cold for 2 hours to have this one of a kind weekend.  It was the best.
And now I am home to LAUNDRY!!!!  Just another day that I am thankful for!
now for the 5
-  I love getting away, but I really love coming home, even to laundry. 
-  I have to great and FUN friends in Lori and Robin, thanks girls
-  natures beauty amazes me
-  My Bella is done with soccer, she did great and the team did great.
-  I love Mondays, the kids all go back to school : )

And this is Robin and Lori and Sherry on her scooter, waiting in the freezing cold to get into Simple Goods!


  1. Thanks for a GREAT weekend, and for your amazing packing ability....and you thought you could shop...hahahaha!!!! But ya gotta stop taking pictures...I hate them. Love ya..talk soon

  2. GREAT TIME that I'll NEVER FORGET!!!!!

    Don't forget to plant those seeds!!!!

    The Queen


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