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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Morning To All

I apologize for my lengthy absense...and today I am moving about like molassas......

Sunday Papa wasn't feeling well and had to go to the hospital.  After being told it was whooping cough, pheunmonia, and then a blood infection, we actually still don't know what's wrong, and he is still in the hospital.  So any and all prayers are appreciated. 
Saturday I took the kids to Amazement Square in Lynchburg, and it truely is amazing!  The have a tower that I think is 5 stories high to climb and slide in.  They also have a room that kids go in and paint the walls, I would have loved to do that when I was a kid.  Anyway, Nathan loved the whole thing soo much he started stripping off his coat, shoes and socks when it was time to go...but he went, unwillingly!!
I am back to working on 4 different projects at once, and wanting to start 2 more...
But first my thankfuls
-  I am so thankful to Peter for showing up soo quickly to work on Papa.
-  And I am thankful for all the awesome volunteers on our rescue squad, they go above and beyond
-  Again I am thankful for all my wonderful family, they mean the world to me
-  And my oldest daughter Noelle, we may have our differences, but I still love her and am very thankful for her
-  And now I am thankful for tissues!!

This is one of my latest projects, it is a Stacy Nash pattern, and I love the hare!

This is of Bella and Nathan at Amazement Square in the paint room

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  1. Hope Papa does better each day. Prayers will be sent your way. Good luck with all of your projects.


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