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Thursday, April 7, 2011

What NOT to do...

Well as you can see - I really messed these up!  Lesson learned to never tea stain on a tephlon coated cookie sheet....I almost threw up.  I am going to try to wash them out with something else, but just seeing them makes me sick...: (, they were so pretty.

Bella still isn't feeling great, this flu is kicking her butt.  And so far, everyone else is still fine.

I am a little frustrated with my last project, and I don't know what to do now.  I think I am going to make a baby quilt for my niece with little childrens vintage hankies.  I hope she will like it.

My 5 thankfuls
-  I am thankful I didn't throw up yesterday : )
-  we will be working in the yard today, I love digging in the dirt
-  Lori gave me some bridal veil spirea and some bee balm, so I'm going to get those planted
-  My friend Dodi from way way back is coming to visit in 2 weeks with her 5 boys, so with my 4 girls and 1 boy it will almost be the Brady Bunch, just bigger!
-  My sister is hopefully coming just before Easter to pick up her quilt.  The things I'll do to make people come and visit, thank goodness I don't have to make them all quilts though!


  1. OMG! Wonder why that happened?! Hoping you can wash it out -- please let us know.... they are beautiful and I can understand why you'd be sick over what happened.
    Enjoy your company..... and digging in the dirt! It's not quite time for that here in NJ, but we keep hoping the weather will get warmer soon.

  2. Try soaking your needle work in BIZ washing powder. You may want to soak it overnight and rinse in cold water. Let it sun dry. I hope this works. Your needle work is beautiful.Shirley

  3. So sorry this happened. Hope it comes out. Is this pattern in one of the Blackbird books?

  4. I have had good luck getting all kinds of stains out with Oxyclean. For the really bad ones, sometimes I soak the piece for several hours, drain the water and start all over with fresh.
    I do hope something works for you - the samplers are lovely!
    Keep us informed! and, good luck!

  5. oh the lessons we learn. I am hoping they came clean!!


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